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Recent feedback from our clients and delegates.

I just wanted to say thank you for what was a hugely enjoyable training course. It was really interesting, well presented and I learnt so much!

Thank you for today´s excellent workshop. Besides the useful tools and tricks, I love the way you do your workshops - friendly, interesting and, today, even moving. Just great.

The negotiation exercise was great - because it was based on a real case, so it captured the nuances that a fictitious one would have missed out. We only really learn by doing difficult things. I felt that this negotiation exercise was challenging and that we were emotionally involved!

This was excellent and made me challenge my assumptions and problem-solving skills.

Amazing energy from Robert! Really engages you and teaches you something.

One of the most useful workshops I've ever attended. It applies to several different situations so people with different backgrounds can all be engaged.

Very useful workshop, made fun: well done Rob! The role-play was really fun and not at all intimidating.

A variety of activities made it more interesting and engaging.

Robert was a great facilitator and was very engaging and the pitch and tone of the course were very good

Fantastic course: the best personal/professional development course I've ever been on.

Incredible speaker. Clear concepts made dynamic.

Fantastic. One of the best training sessions I've ever attended. Feel like I've really learned how to put negotiation into practice.

I am very happy to have been a part of this workshop - it will help me to remember the 'human' part of my work.

Down-to-earth approach to a complex topic made simple.

Great workshop and exercises, that'll really help in the future.

Always smiling and creates a great atmosphere... I just want more!

Unlike almost every other training course I've been on, I can really see how to start using these ideas straight away. Thank you!

Totally brilliant - engaging, fun, relevant, great materials and mix of activities.  The day just flew past.

Fantastic course - the best I have ever been on.

Thank you very much for the sessions today on the course. I can't wait for next week to start using my new skills! I've always been terrified of negotiation but the visualisation of the fence and becoming fellow problem solvers with the other party - just brilliant!

Amazing course with excellent and relevant content. The exercises and role play brought the whole thing to life, setting the new ideas into a practical context. Just brilliant.

This was fun, engaging - and I was really pleased by how evidence-based it is: thank you for treating us like intelligent people! I really enjoyed the role-play, even though I thought I wouldn’t...

Great course! Thank you. The self-assessment elements were very enlightening, and I now realise that I’m more adaptable than I thought.

A really good course and Rob is a great teacher! So much to reflect on and lots of new ideas.

Rob was inspirational. Great structure, slides and anecdotes - the whole thing exceed my expectations.

Packed with real-world examples from an experienced practitioner.

Perfectly paced and a good balance of practical, theoretical, role-play and discussion.

Very useful, informative and enjoyable - also very easy to see how to apply this to workplace situations.

This was an amazing day and is really going to help me with some of the problems I face at work.

Thank you Robert. The course was simply brilliant.

This has been a great experience. I’ve found out a lot about myself and about how to ‘read’ other people too.

Easily the best staff development course I’ve ever attended (out of ten or more). Excellent trainer was professional, engaging and articulate.

Very useful and enjoyable. I’m going to recommend this to all my colleagues when I get back to the office!

What a great course. Robert is a wonderful trainer. A really interesting day.

This is going to be of huge value in dealing with all sorts of difficult situations! Thank you so much for a truly inspiring day.

Speechless (which is unusual for me). I genuinely cannot think of any way in which this could be improved: the course was fun, engaging, accessible and really informative. I was totally absorbed, just soaking it all up. All our training courses should be like this.

These are essential skills for everyone. Why on earth weren’t we taught all this at school?

Verbatim quotes taken from evaluation forms and other written feedback from our delegates and clients.



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