What we'll do:

• Work with you to understand what your organization and the attendees expect to achieve at your away day, and what outputs should be targeted. We'll give you a fixed-price quotation too.

Design an intensive and highly interactive, yet flexible programme, designed to get everyone involved and engaged

Create materials to support exercises and discussions (including slides, printed hand-outs/questionnaires, etc) as appropriate

Facilitate the away day – keeping everyone on track and on topic – but adapting the programme in real time if the on-the-day dynamic of the meeting requires a shift of focus

• Provide verbal feedback and follow-up after the away day, if required

You will need to book a suitable venue for your away day. We're happy to discuss what might work well for your particular group before you actually choose the venue, and we will create a detailed 'venue briefing note' explaining the logistical requirements for the day.

With all the day-to-day interruptions of working life, it can be hard to get your team to focus on bigger, more strategic issues.

Whether you need to address a current issue, develop a new strategy, manage change or a major project or get people working more effectively together, an away day can be a powerful opportunity to focus team efforts and give people the freedom to be creative in their thinking.

Simply taking everyone out of their everyday environment is a great start. But a skilled and experienced facilitator can make all the difference to the success of your away day.

Our approach is professional and highly focused. Our aim is to help everyone get to the heart of the issue, by encouraging your team to explore solutions that they can truly 'own' for the future. And although we'll make people work hard, we'll draw on a huge range of tools and techniques to ensure that the day is fast paced, enjoyable and memorable as well as challenging and productive.


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