What we'll do:

• Work with you to understand what your organization and the attendees expect to achieve at your away day, and what outputs should be targeted. We'll give you a fixed-proce quotation too.

Design an intensive and highly interactive, yet flexible programme, designed to get everyone involved and engaged

Create materials to support exercises and discussions (including slides, printed hand-outs/questionnaires, etc) as appropriate

Facilitate the away day – keeping everyone on track and on topic – but adapting the programme in real time if the on-the-day dynamic of the meeting requires a shift of focus

• Provide verbal feedback and follow-up after the away day, if required

You will need to book a suitable venue for your away day. We're happy to discuss what might work well for your particular group before you actually choose the venue, and we will create a detailed 'venue briefing note' explaining the logistical requirements for the day.

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